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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 3, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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into fair balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. there is new information about the soldier who opened fire at fort hood. in minutes, you will hear from a national guard sergeant who served with specialist yvonne -- ivan lopez. wounding 16 others before killing himself. in a short time ago fort hood's commander giving an update on the investigation to yesterday's deadly shooting spree. >> we have positively identified and we are able to release his next of kin has been notified. alleged shooter is specialist ivan a. lopez. he is 34 years old originally from puerto rico. mentioned yesterday there may have been a verbal
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altercation with another soldier or soldiers. there is a strong possibility that that, in fact, immediately preceded the shooting. we have very strong evidence that we had a medical history that indicates unstable that is in fact correct. fundamental underlie causal factors. rick leventhal is live at fort hood. rick? >> and, greta, you heard the lt. general say this was a fundamental causal factor in their opinion. we have heard from friends in puerto rico that lopez lost his mother last november and his grandfather just a few weeks before that. and it affected him very deeply. what we don't know is how much further back his mental issues might actually go. what we know about this service member, this specialist ivan lopez he signed up for the national guard in 1999.
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served there through 2010. he then went on active duty with the u.s. army. he is married, from puerto rico. his wife from puerto rico. they have children. and he did complete two tours overseas, including four months in iraq. at the end of 2011. from august to december he was a truck driver there. as u.s. forces were withdrawing from iraq. the hammer says he saw no combat. he suffered no wounds. but, was being treated for a variety of mental issues including depression, anxiety and sleep disorders, he was taking medication and apparently seen a psychiatrist who said there was no indication of any likely violence. we have also been told that there is no obvious links to terrorism. no links to terror groups in the u.s. or internationally. but, as you heard, very strong evidence that he was unstable mentally. as for the weapon, we're told that he bought that 45 caliber semiautomatic smith and wesson handgun off post at the same gun store where nadal hasan bought his
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weapon before the shooting here the first time around back in 2009. he apparently, lopez did not register that weapon with fort hood officials like he was supposed to. of course, he brought that weapon on post yesterday afternoon about 4:00 when he began that shooting spree and, greta, that shooting spree ended when a female military police officer confronted lopez. he put his hands up, then reached for the gun under his jacket. when the female police officer drew her weapon and fired, she says lopez put his gun to his head and pulled the trigger and ended his own life. greta? >> rick, thank you. and specialist ivan lopez is originally from puerto rico and served in the puerto rico national guard as rick just said. jesus santana served with lopez. evidence joins us. good evening, sir. >> good afternoon, ma'am. >> you can tell me, you know, i'm sure -- you obviously know the news. what did you think when you heard that ivan, someone
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have you known for years was a suspect now determined to be the killer and killing himself? >> i can't understand the question. will you say it again, please? >> what did you think when you found -- what was your first thought when you found out that ivan had killed three people and committed suicide? >> well, what can i say about specialist lopez when he wasn't with me in deployment 2006 to 2008, he never demonstrate any sign of any condition. he was also a great -- anything else above that. >> when is the last time you spoke to him? >> excuse me? >> when was the last time you spoke to him? >> the last time i spoke to him was like six months ago or seven months ago last year. >> did he say anything was going on his life that was particularly troubling? >> making jokes.
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also when you were talking to him by phone. talking about his family, his daughters. nothing negative. never saw nothing that. >> did you know he was being treated for a possible mental illness? >> it is broken. can you say again? >> did he tell you that he was being treated for a possible mental illness? >> i didn't know nothing about that until i saw the news. >> does that surprise you? >> excuse me? >> does that surprise you that he was seeking the help for mental illness? >> of course. i saw the news yesterday about it. and then this morning i saw he was the person. i never thought he was going to do something like that in my life to be honest. >> sergeant, thank you, sir: and neighbors at fort hood say they are stunned that specialist ivan lopez was the killer. one woman tells "on the record" she spoke with lopez only hours before the murder spree. griff jenkins reports from
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fort hood. >> he seemed like a really nice family man, you know, down to earth. you know, it's really all i know. i mean, we didn't, you know, we didn't really talk to them a lot. so, you know, because they just moved here. >> what went through your mind when you found out the news? >> honestly, it didn't click that it was him until about 1:00. i was like oh my god, that's ivan from upstairs. you know, i didn't believe it. >> do you remember the last time you saw him? >> actually, i saw him at lunch that day. and he came downstairs and, you know, he was heading off to work. and, you know, i was like hey, how is your day going? and he was like it's going good, you know. i'm heading back to work. i will see you whenever i get home. i was like okay, have a great day. >> that's the conversation you had four hours and did he have a him?
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anything that like a backpack? >> all he had was a uniform. that's all he had. >> he was wearing his uniform. and he home home for lunch with his wife and left. what time he was going back? >> about 1:00. >> about 1:00? >> um-huh. >> that's got to stand out in your mind to find out that literally a matter of hours later he open fire. >> yes. it is crazy. like i said, right now, i still can't believe it. >> i asked him for a cigarette one time. that's how i talk to him. this was like last night -- well, the day before last night, you know what i'm saying? >> you asked him for a cigarette the day before the shooting. >> he didn't give me one though. >> he seemed lety -- pretty happy. every time i saw him he was smiling every now and again. it wasn't like he was walking up the steps and just frowning or nothing like that or stuff. >> i saw her exiting her
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apartment. i can tell that she had been crying. she was flustered and she was a bit historic. she was -- hysterical. she was concerned. me being a person, you know, a human. i stepped in and i went to console her to let her know everywhere everything was okay. >> was she saying anything. >> she just said i haven't talked to him since 3:00. i don't know. i haven't talked to him. it's pretty much all she said. >> and the only thing i could tell her was it's going to be okay. just give them a minute. let them get the situation under control. >> at that point had she been notified by the police? >> she had not been notified by anybody. the only -- the only indication that she had was basically from the news. when they announced his name as being the shooter. >> what was her reaction? >> she broke down as any woman or wife would do. she just immediately broke down. she froze. >> so, in your opinion, did it seem that she was very
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surprised by this development? >> she was surprised. i mean, we all were surprised. >> what was your reaction when you saw it? >> i was like wow. i mean, that was pretty much it. because i was more concerned about her. you know, and then she had the 3-year-old who, you know, she has clue what is going on but she sees her mommy crying. >> griff jenkins joins us from fort hood. you have a neighbor saying that she saw him just a couple hours before everything seemed fine and normal. anything else about him that day prior to the shooting? anything strange conduct? >> there doesn't appear any strange conduct, greta, but let's put this in perspective. what's remarkable is that banks talked to him. he left around 1 p.m., she said, the first 911 call was received, according to the folks here at the base, at 16:16. that's three hours and 16 minutes later the shooting begins. the lopezs have only been in town for three weeks.
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as we try to learn more about who ivan lopez is. and more about his wife. and what interactions he may have had, you have to realize that not many people knew him at all. in fact, he was assigned here in late february. and the neighbors that we spoke to, there were four there. i spoke to a few off camera as well. he has only been there a few weeks. this, of course, is a base that has 41,000 active duty soldiers plus their spouses and civilian employees, this is a city of a hundred thousand. finding out who ivan lopez is a challenge. it's possible that he had that communication hours before. the reason why ivan was very friendly. he kept to himselves neighbors said. the reason why he was friendly with charisse is that her husband helped lopezs move into their apartment just above only weeks earlier. she said that he was very grateful and always took an extra moment to say hello to
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her and her husband because of the favor they had done him. >> griff, thank you. and, of course, if news breaks on fort hood we will get to it immediately and have update later on in the program. right now house budget committee chair paul ryan budget plan would cut $5 trillion in spending over the next decade. chairman rine joins us. nice to see you, sir. >> good to be with you. >> tell us in the simplest words what is this budget? >> it's a plan to balance the budget and get our debt paid off so we give the next generation a debt-free nation. in this budget are a lot of pro-growth policies to get this economy growing again to. increase take home pay to create jobs. we think the country is headed in the wrong direction, we think our fiscal policy is in the wrong direction recommendation we think we should balance our budget, pay our bills there a lot of things we think we ought to do that's not being done to get this economy growing. that's what we are proposing. >> to use language from our home state we have been living high off the hog. in order to balance the budget, we have got -- i
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assume got to tighten the belt? >> cut wasteful spending reerks form programs that are growing too fast that are going insolvent, going bankrupt and grow the economy he. >> where do you find -- where are you cutting? >> where is all the $5 trillion come from? >> right. >> how much time do you have? a number of things. we think we need to fix some of our welfare programs so we make sure that we transition people from welfare to work. we proposed block grant some of these programs like food stamps and have able bodied people have work requirements. >> is there a cut in the overall dollar amount or is there a cut in the administration of it. >> to give you a sense in all of this. instead of increasing spending by 5.2% a year on average for the next 10 years which is where we are going now. we propose to have 3.5% average annual spending growth in the federal budget. that actually balances the budget and gets us on a path. the surplus is to pay off the debt over time. >> i assume we keep paying more because we are bringing more people in the food stamp program and hasn't been declining number but increased number. >> it's been growing
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dramatically. >> if it continues to grow as you expect yet cutting the amount of payment. >> we want to make sure that able bodied people transition into lives of work. that's one example of some the welfare reforms successful in the late 1990s which says give the states the ability to taylor some of their reforms to fix these programs to get people on into lives of self-sufficiency and work. that is just one example. >> is is the idea and i hate to try to oversimplify but just so i can understand, is the idea you are taking a lot of responsibility of the program and sending it back to the states because they may be in a better position to manage it than the federal government? >> one size fits all solution from washington that isn't working. so, like we did with cash welfare in the late 1990s, we were very steive, in wisconsin we did this quite well. tommy thompson and w 2. let's let the state legislature and state legislatures customize the benefits. experiment with the ideas of getting people back to work. same with medicaid. medicaid is a program that's going bankrupt.
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medicaid is a program not working very well. we also argue that we ought to have the states take the lead role. they already basically run the program now. we want to give the states more flexibility to cater to their populations. those things save money. federal employees, i will give you an example. we think federal employees should pay about half of their pension benefit just like people in the private sector who pay the taxes for the federal employees do. that's there is a lot of things that can go on and on which, taken together, saves money, cuts about $5.1 trillion and that gets us to a balanced budget and then we get into surpluses so we can start paying off the debt. >> part of it is to it repeal obamacare, right? >> yes we do repeal obamacare. >> i'm sure you have seen so. criticism, president obama called it a stink burger or mean witch. congressman van hollen who is your colleague on the committee. he says it's nothing short of an assault on americans struggling to stay afloat economically. i know you guys like each other. why are you so far apart on this? i assume you might come out with those blistering words if he did it.
4:15 pm
>> i wouldn't say that we have a very different philosophy. chris talks about investments which means more spending, here is the big classic difference, we think we should balance the budget and pay down our debt. the president doesn't. he has never once proposed to balance the budget. never has he given us a budget that ever balances. neither have the democrats. >> congressman van hollen propose the budget. >> never proposed to balance the budget. >> does he want to. >> here is what i think. if you want to do something, then show us how you are going to do it. technically speaking we don't have to do a budget this year because we have an agreement in place. if you don't like the direction the country is headed, which we don't, that's why we think we should put our ideas, we ought to have an energy boom in this country and get this oil and gas industry up and running that would dra mat lick loy lower. bring hour johns. help lower the deficit. lots of things like tax reform and energy development. welfare reform. save medicare from going bankrupt. lots of things that we do here go after cronyism,
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corporate welfare, all of these things that we think we ought to do because we don't like the status quo, you take them together and that gives us a balanced budget. what the congressional budget office tells us if you reduce these deficits like that, you will will grow the economy faster. you have more take home pay for workers. >> i know the reception is going to get in the senate which is opposed by opposing party. i'm curious even with your party in the house, there has been a lot of difference on this thing, how is it being received in the republican party. >> quite well. this will be the fourth time. similar to the prior budgets we have passed a lot like our budget we passed last year. it cuts more spending. >> the congressional budget office tells us now we are five years into obamaomics. economy is worse. fewer people staying in the labor force. slower economy which means bigger deficits so we have to cut a little bit more to make sure we get the balance. other than that, our budget is very similar to what we have did. what we have shown since we have been in the majority four years in a row where we produced a budget that pays off the debt. we think that's really important. because we think we owe the country alternative, some
4:17 pm
solutions, how do you grow the economy and how do you balance the budget? how do you fix these things. we want to fix patient centered care. we don't want running medicare with price controls. we want seniors to be in charge of their healthcare. these are the kind of reforms we are talking about. we don't like the direction the president is heading. >> one flip question, saturday night, kentucky or wisconsin? >> barges. >> by how much? >> on fire. it's going to be close. it's going to be close. if you watched the louisville game. kentucky weekend it out at the very end. >> they have a very young team. >> they do have a young team. they can do better later on. right now it's our turn. >> i thought the last two games were unbelievably. arizona and oregon were very stressful. >> they were really stressful. >> saturday night, badgers, mr. chairman, thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> straight ahead the u.s. postmaster general is here. he is not happy with me. find out why, that's next. caught on camera, female reporter says she was bull idea get this at a feminist conference. >> what did you say?
4:18 pm
>> you guys aren't wanted. >> we are not wanted here? >> i thought it was supposed to be exclusive. >> bull idea for being conservative. "on the record" monitoring the breaking news from fort hood. we are constantly getting new information about the gunman and his victims. an update coming up.
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our network news service affiliate. the locals are reporting it's on the ground around i-35 north and west of the city about 38 miles north and west of the dallas the denton area. here are are the watches and warnings across texas and up
4:22 pm
into oklahoma, arkansas and the rest. a very busy spring news and weather event is underway. we get pictures from the ground or more information we will bring it right back, greta to you. >> shep, thanks, are postal workers delivering big bills to pairs. earlier this week a series of inspect general reports. some are using government travel cards to pay from gambling to personal travel to bowling. now postmaster general path donahue is here to respond and you are a little bit mad at me. >> a little bit. >> what's the problem? >> the key number is very few, we have 500,000 plus excellent employees in the postal service do a great job. >> i don't doubt for a second. >> couple of bad apples, we address them and take care of that the other key thing is no taxpayer money. we don't take it, we are self-sufficient and we want to stay that way. >> a couple of things, i don't agree with that that's just not true. you have a 15 billion-dollar loan you got from the federal government september 2012. that's the limit as high as
4:23 pm
you can go 15 billion. you haven't paid a dime back of it as of a month ago. you owe the taxpayers $15 billion. then you have got this woman. you may have a plan but you still have not paid it back. then you have got this woman who is one of the people who has ripped off the postal service $100,000. maybe if she hadn't ripped off the $100,000 you could take that $100,000 and pay that 15 billion-dollar on the taxpayers. i don't agree on that. you owe the taxpayers money. >> 15 billion. would he very a plan in place. we need some legislation and we will fix the entire amount. we can be debt free by 2017. >> let's talk about that you say it's congressional legislation holding you back? >> yeah. >> congressional legislation is not a defense to a crime. that woman that i'm talking about committed a crime. she didn't get referred to the u.s. attorney's office. not at all. in fact, your lawyer, your general counselor reared theory inspector general. it took him 13 months to do a report. in that 13 months she stole more and didn't have her cards taken away and oh
4:24 pm
15 billion to the taxpayers. tpsdz hard for me to have sympathy. >> couple bad apples. no taxpayer money. here is the situation with the postal service. we are in the hole because we lost about 28% of our volume. we have not stood still. since the year 2007, we reduced the head count by 205,000 employees. another 5 million delivers in that time frame. bent the cost line by $15 billion. so our people have done a great job. >> you and i don't disagree on that. >> here is the congressional issue. every year we are required by law to prefund retirement health benefits to the tune of $5.5 billion. we have a solution to resolve that. to get -- actually eliminate that payment. go to a point where we will be fully paid on our pensions and our healthcare. >> all right. you know what? i think you and i are talking about two different things. i know there are a lot of good postal workers. i have seen a lot of them. what i'm talking about is you are getting ripped off.
4:25 pm
the tax pairs are getting ripped off since you owe 15 billion and you haven't paid. what is happening you are not referring them to criminal prosecutions. you are giving them a letter to pay it back. that is is a crime. for whatever reason, here is an example. dated january 2th, 2009 from the senior vice president general counsel that an employee is ripping off the postal service, and remember, you got 15 billion-dollar debt to us. and that it then goes to inspector general who takes 13 months to come back with something oh, yeah. she is ripping off the postal service. what in the world takes 13 months with this general counsel should have done, not sent it to the ig, should have sent it to the local prosecutor. >> we have a process for that we collect the money. >> it doesn't matter if you collect the money. it's still a crime. >> i agree he that it's completely unacceptable. and, again -- >> -- it's a crime. >> from the credit cards, just so you know, a person when they take that credit card, they are on the hook for the bill. we always collect. >> you can use it like an atm card? >> you can use atm for small
4:26 pm
cash advances. >> how much we have eliminated that. >> used to be able to take 500 we have eliminated that. >> every time you take $500 out of your atm that is stealing from taxpayers. >> they have to pay it back. >> you send a letter. you send a letter. after they get caught you send a letter and say pay it back. do you think this woman is going to pay this back? >> absolutely. everything gets collected. >> oh, man. we have ways to collect. the key thing is -- >> -- if it gets collected why did it have to go to ig counsel and why are you trying to get money from her. >> process. >> process? it's a crime. >> the key thing is we have a solution to our problems. again, we have done everything we can organizationally cut costs grow revenue. >> can i get a commitment from you. >> yes. >> when people steal money from the postal service rather than go through this long process call the local prosecutor and please investigate. this we do through the department of justice right now. >> why wasn't this one done? >> big difference because if you steal from the mail, if you get into a fight with somebody, you are prosecuted and fired immediately.
4:27 pm
this is through a credit card process we can collect money back. >> it is still -- you don't understand, just because someone pays a debt. o -- just because someone gets caught for stealing and says i will pay it back. >> we do not condone. this i understand that. just because someone gets caught stealing and saidenly says i will pay it back that doesn't mean it's not a crime. >> it's a crime and we prosecute. >> this woman didn't but anyway. >> the key thing is big opportunities to do much bigger things from the postal service perspective. we need that congressional action. >> that's a different issue. say to congress help this man out o. get him the legislation he needs but the stealing thing, that's got to get an indictment. >> i will take care of that you have my promise. i will be back to talk about legislation. >> and congress, please help this man ow postmaster, thank you for joining us. >> much approach yated. >> straight ahead the benghazi showdown what was cia acting director michael morell thinking? carl rove is here with us next.
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why does former scri
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acting director michael morell ignore his libyan station chief's email. the station chief one day before susan rice went on five sunday morning shows emailed him telling him it was not protests. on capitol hill yesterday house republicans hammering the former cia chief benghazi and the infamous talking points. >> the white house used your talking points to perpetrate its own misguided political agenda. >> the house did not make any substantive changes to the talking points. nor did they ask me to make any substantive changes. >> you were sitting at the table along with the other intelligence officials when we were trying to find out who changed the talking points. that was at best, it's misleading biomission what you did that day and continue or at worst lying biomission. >> this is a false narrative. this is why this is not a small issue, this is a big issue. >> let me actually give you the facts. first thing the white house changed was to add cairo in
4:33 pm
front of the word embassy for the sake of clarity. second thing the white house changed was to rearrange a couple of sentences purely stylistic. the third thing the white house changed was to change the word consulate to diplomatic post for accuracy. those were the only changes the white house made. >> you made the changes for them. >> i believed what my analyst said that there was a protest. i also believed it to be a terrorist attack. >> you also took out islamic extremist. >> did i not took take out extremist. i took out the word islamic in front of extremist. we were dealing with protests demonstrations across much of the muslim world as a result of video. and the last thing i wanted to it do was to do anything to further inflame those passions. and so that's why i took the word islamic out. >> the white house wanted america to believe al qaeda to be on the run.
4:34 pm
>> it was a bureaucratic mistake. no politics. >> karl rove joins us. good evening, karl. >> good evening, greta. >> karl, for the life of me, i just don't get this. you know, the fact that this email was buried. it wasn't revealed until the senate intel report. in january. catherine herridge uncovered it in february. but going back to the day before susan rice, the acting director of the cia, or the number two ignore what is they're saying on the ground in libya and goes analysts are and buries this email. go figure. >> well, look, this is a very disturbing testimony by mike morell. let's put this in context. he says that he relied upon the analysts in langley who did not talk to any of the people on the ground. they didn't talk to the cia chief of station. they didn't talk to the dcm, the deputy chief. the chief diplomat after the ambassador.
4:35 pm
they didn't talk to the cia and military and contractors who were on the site. they are sitting in langley and they come up with this. it's a demonstration. now, one interesting question is did mike morell pressure them to come to that conclusion? but it is astonishing to me they did not talk to the -- to their own lead guy there, the cia chief of station nor to the deputy chief of mission. more to the people on the ground cia or military. in fact, morell said he looked at what the chief of station said and found it unreliable and not compelling. which begs the question if he thought he was unreliable chief of station, why the heck did he continue to allow him to be there. this strikes me as morell had his conclusion and he wasn't going to let anything intrude. it's not just the email on that friday. er with, there is a secure video conference between morell and the deputy chief of mission and the chief of staff and some of the people who were involved in the incident who, by this time, are in germany and we don't know exactly what morell
4:36 pm
said in there. but i wonder if that's where morell didn't start to sort of say this -- let's all be together on one line, everybody, and that line is this was all a demonstration when this clearly was not. you don't show up at a demonstration with mortars and 50 caliber machine guns and people who spontaneously show up don't have the political sophistication to have cased the joint, two joints and second of all bring what's called indirect fire. that is mortar fire in on those -- both the diplomatic compound and the cia facility. this just boggles the mind. >> you know, karl though, at worst, he is deceitful, at best is he incompetent. because, you know, he gets that email on the 15th. and you have got the president going on letterman, "the view," univision and saying before the u.n. general assembly up to 9/25 and susan rice four months ago saying i don't have time to think about a false controversy. where are the facts and we still have four people murdered and no more information and they are hiding an email. i think it's hiding an
4:37 pm
email. >> i do, too. not only that but we know he hid himself. remember, originally the cia said that they were not responsible for taking the reference to al qaeda out of the talking points. morell himself blamed it in a meeting with senators mccain, graham and he blamed it on the fbi. he admitted it was taken out at the cia direction in his testimony this week and said it was officials in the office of congressional affairs who took it out because it was, quote: not declassified. well, that's bunk. that's plenty of times cia talking points there is a reference to an item that is based upon classified information. you don't have to say things in your talking points and reveal all of the sources for those. the cia was willing to stand behind that. and they -- people that he now blames removed it and, look, warnings -- they had in the original draft reference to the warnings by the cia to the state department about the security risk in the area. the director of the cia
4:38 pm
wants it in there. the deputy director, mike morell decides to take it out. that strikes me as somebody who is look out for the political interests of the white house. he takes out the word islamic, he hides from the congress the fact that the cia removed al qaeda. and he himself, takes out the reference to the warnings state department, it looks to me like is he doing the political work of the white house and trying to ingratiot himself with 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> karl, thank you. don't forget when fox is pushing to get more information, we got banned from the cia briefing that they did. that was a little bit funny. but anyway, whatever. thank you, karl. >> you bet. >> coming up a too mail reporter says she was bullied at a feminist conference. >> we know. >> what did you say? >> you guys aren't wanted here. >> we are not wanted here. >> looks like exclusive of everybody. >> you heard right. bullied for being conservative. that reporter is here to tell you her story next. fox is tracking dangerous weather in texas. high alert on weather. i c
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too mail reporter was bullied delegate she was not welcome at a feminist conference because she works for a conservative news organization. look at catherine's encounters with the feminist foundation event. >> trying to ask people trying to explain what feminism means here? >> let you know this conservative media site. i just want to warn you. >> you should know if you are doing this interview they are a conservative organization. >> they are a conservative organization. >> oh. >> oh. >> i just want to let you know. >> conservative organization. >> in other words, we're too conservative so we what we are fighting for. >> yeah. >> you you are assuming that based on where i work. >> yeah, we are,. >> i'm sorry, he they are conservative news. we don't know if you want to participate in that.
4:44 pm
>> i'm a female, too. can i not be a feminist? >> yeah. why am i being excluded. >> i'm just trying to get some perspective. i'm just trying to interview and talk to them. >> [inaudible] >> you guys aren't wanted here. >> we know. >> what did you say? >> that you guys aren't wanted here. >> not wanted here. >> i thought was inclusive of everyone. >> feminist majority foundation emailed "on the record" the statement. we regret that the clip shown online might have overshadowed some of the completed interviews that were conducted over the conference weekend. kathleen joins us. tell me what happened. >> well, the completed interviews that happened were before all the organizers started interrupting my interviews because they didn't think anyone should be talking to me because i'm a conservative. first they made an announcement saying they should be aware of me. taking pictures of me and posting them on twitter and saying watch out and actually interrupting my interviews she is a conservative, watch out it
4:45 pm
is a pity that we don't have some better interviews besides just footage of me being interrupted. after they found out i was a conservative, worked for a conservative organization, that's what happened. >> when you say they made an announcement. it was over aloud speaker. what way did they make announcement to stay away from you. >> in addition to twitter i heard one of the events, the woman told me herself as you can see on the video that she made an announcement. it's just really sad because at no point did anybody ever even think to ask me what i thought about the issues. i'm a female myself. i'm sure we could have found some common ground, had some conversations, but, they were just so terrified based on the label conservative decided to discriminate against me, which is exactly what they were there fighting against is what a lot of them told me who when we did speak. >> were there some media outlets or reporters or something that did speak to them that they did speak to? >> did i not see any other media there they knew i was coming as media i called ahead of time with my name campus reform. said i would be bringing a
4:46 pm
cameraman. i didn't face any problems at all until they found out that i worked for a conservative organization. >> how did they find that out. >> i have no idea. they must have googled it it someone must have done some research. i have no idea how they found out. once they did, all of a sudden i was excluded. all of a sudden the anti-exclusion or safe space policy didn't apply to me. >> catherine, thank you very much. okay, now let's all go off-the-record for main. i'm a feminist. my career and background prove that one. so i'm stunned by the feminist majority fowngsz statement by the treatment of catherine. at their feminist conference and it reads in part the statement: some thought it would be wise if those sought to be interviewed were informed about the perspective of campus reform. you know what? that is so pathetic and so weak. what? women are so delicate that they need extra information before answering questions
4:47 pm
about feminism? feminist majorities embarrassing women. equal rights for women is very important. women want parody, equal pages and equal opportunity. i'm all for that but telling a reporter at a feminist convention she is not wanted at what is billed as inclusive event is weird. mean girls sound familiar? but more importantly, the scaredy cat stuff sets women way back. women promoting women's rights should stand tall. they don't need extra help and it sets the wrong message to send. feminist majority, wake up, get out of 196. this is 2014. a lot has happened. and there is a lot of work it to do. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. and straight ahead, we are following breaking news from fort hood. we are learning more about the gunman, a live report coming up. thit's not the "limit yoursh hard earned cash back" card .
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switch to comcast business internet. then add voice and tv for just $34.90 more per month. and you'll be ready for tomorrow today. comcast business. built for business. purchase paragraph right now a news scandal brewing. investigating hundreds of cases of voters who may have voted in multiple states in the same election. that's not all. they say dozens of other people appear to have volted after their death. the raleigh telegram r.l. greg joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta, thanks for having me on your show. >> thank you for being here. >> what's the problem? what is going on? >> well, north carolina joined a consortium of
4:52 pm
around 28 states that compare and contrast their roles of voters i believe it started out in kansas and north carolina joined last year when they did kind of a crosscheck. they found out that around 765 voters matched in other states that had also voted in the 2012 presidential election and their names, first name, last name, birthday, and the last four digits of their social security number had matched with people who had registered and voted in other states. and in addition. >> is anyone going -- let me just ask, is anyone going out to see if they voted twice, asked them if they h like at least referred to a prosecutor or not? do you know if that's being done? >> well, they have said that they are going to investigate all of these individually, and then if they do see evidence of fraud, then they are going to be referred for prosecution. it is a felony in north carolina. so, if they can find
4:53 pm
evidence that they did vote twice, then they could potentially be prosecuted for that felony charge, yes. >> now, the other ones that i interrupted you. i'm sorry, sir. no, that's okay. yes, lots of numbers here. i'm hope i'm accurate on these, but around 35,750 did not have the social security numbers match to people who had registered people say that they need to check those to make sure it's just not someone with -- there is a lot of john smiths out threw who might have the same birthday or ronald mcdonald or if you get 20 people who have the same name then tips like toy have there is a lot of names that they have to double-check and see if it's actually a fraud. >> i hope you come back after the investigation goes further. and so once it gets sorted out and see whether or not there is, you know, a lot of
4:54 pm
fraud going on or not. thank you, sir. >> okay. thank you, i appreciate it. >> coming up, the investigation into that deadly rampage at fort hood. we are getting new information about the gunman. a live report is next.
4:55 pm
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and talk to your doctor. visit to find out about treatment options. and register for a personalized guide to help you prepare for a conversation with your doctor. this is a fox news alert. one day after a soldier opens fire at fort hood killing three and wounding 16. we are learning more about the gunman. for the very latest fox news senior correspondent rick leventhal is live at fort hood. rick? >> and, greta, key point from the commanding officer at fort hood, lt. general mark mille at a press conference earlier this afternoon was that in his opinion there is very strong evidence in the ivan lopez medical file that this was an unstable man that he had a psychiatric condition and that that may have been a trigger for this event. that that was the fundamental underlying cause and that there also may have been some sort of verbal altercation between lopez and one or more soldiers that led to yesterday's shooting. of course, there were 16
4:59 pm
people wounded or hurt in that shooting. and three he service members killed. all the victims were members of the u.s. army. and we can can give you an update. some of those who were injured suffered minor injuries, broken glass that went flying. one was hurt while hurdling a fence. many of the other were shot at least one time. all of them though are expected to survive. though three are in critical condition still at this hour, greta. and face a very tough roads ahead. the shooter, of course, killed himself. and this base now forced to try and handle yet another tragedy in less than five years. >> and, of course, we still don't know those three murder victims and oh their poor families. that's just terrible. right now they seem like, you know, we keep referring to them as murder victims but they are real people who have -- their lives cut short. rick, thank you. >> sure. >> and thank you for being with us tonight. we will see you all tomorrow night right here at 7 p.m. eastern. right now go to greta and answer. this is the feminist
5:00 pm
organization like mean girls or force for women? vote in our gretawire poll. up next bill o'reilly and the o'reilly factor. good night from washington, d.c. see you tomorrow, 7:00 p.m. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> why have active shooter on fort hood. we have multiple gunshot victims. >> i heard gunshots. at that point i was squared. >> another shocking mass murder at fort hood, texas. tonight, we will vet latest facts and how some pundits are exploiting the situation. >> you made significant substantive changes for the white house, whether it was on behalf, we don't know but we know you are the one. >> congresswoman michele bachmann grilled the cia guy who changed the benghazi report to it help out the obama administration including hillary clinton. mrs. bachmann will be here tonight. also ahead, miller on


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